I’m Julianne, a very amateur but enthusiastic gardener with a newly-acquired large and mature garden, complete with six raised beds.  I live in a rural village in North-East Scotland with my husband and two daughters.

My garden, and my surroundings here in rural Angus, is giving me a burgeoning passion for all things natural and wild – as well as  growing vegetables, plants and flowers in the garden, I am increasingly fascinated with the bird life attracted by the food I leave out, and with the natural world surrounding us here, from the farmers fields in front of us, to the hills behind us and all the various forms of wildlife I am thrilled to notice on a daily basis.

I’ve discovered I’m happiest when surrounded by sky and green things and taking deep breaths of fresh air.  I’m also happy when I’m creative, and for me that means writing and taking photos…and thus a blog is born.

Gardening, nature, photography and words, all in one place.  I hope you enjoy reading it.


Pink Sky from Alvare 130714


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